Pope Francis on the prodigal son

“He goes off, spends everything, hits rock bottom where he could not be more distant from the father.  Yet when he is at his lowest he misses the warmth of the father’s house and he goes back. And the father, had he forgotten the son? No, never. He is there, he sees the son from afar; he was waiting for him every hour of the day.  The son was always in the father’s heart even though the son had left him, even though he had squandered his whole inheritance, his freedom.  The father with patience, love, hope and mercy had never for a second stopped thinking about him, and as soon as he sees him still far off, he runs out to meet him and embrace him with tenderness, the tenderness of God, without a word of reproach: his son has returned! And that is the joy of the father.  In that embrace for his son is all this joy: he has returned! God is always waiting for us; he never grows tired”

From:  Church of Mercy: a collection of homilies by Pope Francis

father and son embracing

The EXTRAORDINARY JUBILEE OF MERCY begins December 8, 2016

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Whether you have grown up in the church, or you are new to the faith, or even just curious about Christianity, Harley offers something for everyone. 

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